Mau Uttar Pradesh News July 2013

Mau: Indara MP Dara Singh Chouhan laid the foundation stone in the construction of oil wells coming on August 11 at 10am happen. On Wednesday he was talking to journalists at a press meet held at the guesthouse.Relating to the mining machines have access to the construction site. On the same day eye camp was also organized. Gundaraj in the state is restored. Seepu a month including BSP MLA Sarvesh Singh Yadav and Samajwadi Party leader Pramod Badri Prasad Singh's murder in broad daylight demonstrates the failure of governance at the state level.Powered by handloom weavers to mobilize local looms as a defining work-around has been completed. He will be tabled in Parliament by the Committee in the House.

Mau: Teachers await the appointment BTC passed the qualifying examination, the candidates of special BTC BTC Urdu and the team reached the Collectorate on Tuesday. Soon he himself sought the appointment letter. The name of the collector a letter addressed to his demands, he referred to the city magistrate.Collectorate arrived after the training he had trained candidates applied for teacher recruitment. In that order, the counseling provided medical tests taken after 21 and 28 June. Digital signed on July 23 school allocated appointment letter has been issued by the NIC. They had to rule by July 25 appointment letter, but could not get to today. He immediately sought to provide appointment letter. The team fantasy, Line Singh, Bharti Gupta, Sandhya Chauhan, Durgesh Nandini, Vandana Vishwakarma, Sandeep Kumar Maurya, Vinay Singh, Tariq Khan, Jitendra Kumar etc..

Ratnpura (MAU): Bharatiya Janata Party regional committee member Arijit Singh, District President Sushil Roy, Anand Pratap Singh arrived Rtnpura market traders met victims of the piracy phenomenon. Discussed with the Board of Trade of the business community increasingly deteriorated law and order and the hurt is feeling insecure. Immediate administration of an effective and concrete steps are not taken to be bound by the BJP on the road.Arijit Singh BJP leader said that the seizure of the goods we will sit in peace, neither ourselves nor the administration will sit. In this regard, BJP workers meeting also passed a resolution. Falling law which seeks recovery of materials.
Mngnu Singh and BJP workers meeting Awadhesh Singh, father of former district chief of Khalispur Shivpugn Singh condoled the death of the two-minute silence to pray for the souls of God was keeping. The Nikku Pandey, Anil Yadav, Prem Kumar, tot Krwar, Achcelal etc..

Thanidas (MAU): Computer Education to operate smoothly, the first step in the District 27 schools were selected by the Avran Education. Provided computers and accompanying instrument. Students free computer education related to the gas cylinder for stationery and generators were also arranged. The current status of this project is that since July 2012 the stationery was available at schools and schools for the gas generator. The district school inspector has given written notice of the computer instructors.

Mau: the city's 33 elementary and 19 junior high school on Saturday ½ thousand children are starving. The schools serve food in the organization's employees go on strike. Basic Education Officer's office picketed by employees - children from exposure to hot and hot food could not be served.Children studying in government schools under MDM according to menu are served at intermission. Junior high school students and their teachers to grow that understands. Elementary schools, students are quite small. So they must in any case, regardless of where found. Located west of the city population by 11 school children waiting for food cans. When the food came quickly, demanding to leave. After all teachers had the children's wishes. Babies who were not there, the house had Phuncwana.Five-year institution serving food in schools.Mau: Emilia schools in the city last five years an institution mid-day - is taking a mile. MDM from the time the institution to lead people to do things three o'clock in the morning. Naseem Belali director of the institution that he delivered on July 20 reported that the BSA conversion sheet cast and lack of food are unable to conduct further planning.

Madhuban (MAU): Musadohi mill village is severely affected by the floods. Purvon divided into dozens of communication between the gram panchayat is dissolved. To go to the other villagers have had to resort to the boat. Most of the area is the Devara.Baropur, Suggichauri and tied Dubari Peach Devara the main route into the path of flood water is unaffected. Peach Way to go inside but excluding Ganav villagers have to go through the water. Nurullahpur of Devara, Roshnpur, Siswa, Bkria, Kcila Nrayanpur, Lilhwa, Khaira, Nkihhwa, Bindtolia, Kudia, Tandhi, full of the Lord, Varikanta, Broha, dozens of villages including Chauhanpur is surrounded on all sides by the floods. Boat for the people remains only one way out. The floods have had the opposite effect on children's education.

Dohrighat (MAU): Gauri Shankar skirt at the pier protrude above the danger mark is 65 centimeters. Due to the steady increase in water level Mhula - Gdhvl (MG) has increased the risk to the dam. Ciuteedadh ring dam is surrounded by flood waters. Crack in the dam near Rampur Dnauli stirred but the irrigation department immediately close the gap being much larger crisis was averted.The crisis that binds the MG-cutting Azamgarh - dohrighat will be swept highway. Dam is the only obstacle between the river and the road. Flood water from the dam is bumped. Ciunteedadh, Nvli ring is surrounded by flood waters of the dam skirt. Nvli panic in the village. Dnauli has been bumped from the dam near Rampur skirt. Irrigation Department warned in time to be in serious condition. Skirt is still rising. Naga Baba Grotto, heap space is made even more sensitive. The grotto is in the purview of Domraj skirt. Cremate cremation ground to water the people are facing enormous difficulties. Ciunteedadh, Nvli Srhra, Kirtupur, Rampur Dnauli, dohrighat, bahadurpur, Ptni, Sryan, Bibipur, Gureedih, Koruli, Purmuti, Sdhason, Jmira, Paus, Budavar, Bsiaram Beluli etc. Hundreds of villages have been submerged acre crops. Melaram region has entered the flood waters in localities. Municipal administration is failing her effort to remove the water. Sailor parish bhagwanpura three parishes of the city, in the Dalit colony is flooded.

Dohrighat (MAU): kilts are drowning in a flood of hundreds of acres of paddy crops. This is getting destroyed farmers' hard-earned. The steady rise in the water level half meters above the danger mark. The flooding is the flooding of coastal areas. Increased levels of skirt Ptni, Sryan, brave, dohrighat, Nvli, Ciuteedandh, Rampur Dnauli, Godni, Bibipur, Takurganv, Sdhason, Gureedih, Purmuti, Paus, Budhavr, Beluli etc. villages of farmers paddy, sugarcane crops sank etc. are. The situation has been howling all around.Muktidham Shmsan fast current of the river on the ferry. Dohrighat - Azamgarh route is at risk. Skirt flowing above the red mark. Consequently bhagwanpura town, parish and Dalit slum localities Voyager has entered the flood waters. People come flooding broke into houses and dirty water - are going. Bahadurpur, Ptni and Sryan skirt has reached close to the village population. Dnauli Rampur, Islamic, Ptni, Paus, Koruli drink water from pools in the foremost position of farmers. Where they are unable to understand that they will recover. His hundreds of acres of crops were destroyed by flood waters. Godni - Bibipur is tied around skirt rage.

Mau: everything smoothly, located 10 kilometers from district headquarters indoor village name soon will be recognized as different across the country.The person named Pramod Singh's four-acre farm which is now occupied by ONGC will be extracted from natural gas and petroleum products. Oil Natural Gas Corp., according to officials of August next four officials of the company will be undertaken in the presence of the shovel.Coming from the last two months - Big Machines, Delhi and Uttarakhand villagers for the arrival of the officials is a matter of curious. Never in the field did not come in such large machines. The people of the village to see her with surprise have continual access to  the site above.

Ghosi (MAU): schedule of failing power supply from angry voters on Sunday near a police post at nadvasray in the day about 11 and a half hrs way from jam.When police arrived at the scene to try to undo the Executive Engineer BL Singh arranged to be supplied in a fortnight ended with an assurance made jam.Nadwasray three feeder to the power supply. 12-hour schedule is to say on the western feeder to supply electricity to consumers in just three hours to get into. At least ten times a day is normal trip. Wire and faults are common due to the shabby old machine. The department recently warned consumers on the system could be improved. The Congress leader Uma Shankar Singh outrageous citizens led to shave around 11 pm flywheel blocked. Saarangadhar Inspector and Sub Inspector Dwivedi soldiers arrived at the scene with Mr. AK Mishra jams Singh, District President of the Council Harinath Pandey, Sonu Singh, Chairman of the Board of Farmers Branch Dhananjay Chaubey and Munna Singh talks etc. But it did not matter. Executive Engineer, BL arrived fifteen days after Singh assured shabby improve the supply feeder fix. Dr. Elias in those jams, Dinesh Singh, Arvind Singh and Mahendra Singh Sisodia are etc..

Mau:-Mau district hospital chief medical superintendent Dr Abhimanyu Singh believes that the rainy season starts seasonal outbreaks of scab spreads quickly. Prevention of the disease is diagnosed. Body parts start treatment as soon as symptoms of shingles can be defended. Keeping in mind the general level diagnosis of the disease can be found.Saturday's "awakening" he said in an interview Skebij called shingles outbreaks in rainy season spreads quickly. Between the fingers of the hand and stomach and private parts itch is only the symptom. In this case the use of cream with anti Skebij clean - cleaning is imperative to keep in mind. Not so in the case of the spread of the disease will spread rapidly in the body. Also Tiniya (shingles), the skin is also common in the rainy season. Round body - rashes come round at that location sucks. The leases of the body where there is maximum. Anti-fungal creams and tablets for its diagnosis should be used. The district hospital drug free is available.Conscious citizens, Dr. Singh said that this season wipe the body after bath rub. Sukhakr half hours under a fan, the body should wear the cloth. Always wear clothes to dry and iron decreases the likelihood of the spread of the disease.

Mau: severe power cuts began on Wednesday has not boil seems to end. Friday after Friday prayers in Sadr City Square and bypass roads blocked by weavers in Mirjahadipura performed. The Colony Store Muhammadabad Gohna and Haidil protesting the siege of charge. Sadar Chowk after Friday prayers on the street surrounded by weavers. Some people sat on the road, the rest of the crowd surrounding the appearance of the street and stopped traffic.did not listen to his unswerving weavers jam to finish. The protesters called the police station and later the duo promise to hold talks with officials on power was somehow thing. On this occasion, BJP leader Bharat Lal Rahi, Chairman of the Board of Trade Omar Uma Shankar, Javed Ahmed, councilor Ataullah, Mahfujurrhman, Mazhar, Sfik, Irshad Ahmed were present.

Mau: Power cuts is increasing the anger. Nijamuddinpura in two - and it does not change from the burning of two transformers angry people Disiske College Thursday afternoon in the highway and the road was blocked. After the assurance of SDM somehow ended blockade. The previous evening over a dozen people at four power distribution section first arrived at Executive Engineer RK Yadav. The transformer was sitting there SDO became heated. Also led to mayhem has occurred. Police arrived home last night at about half past eight Akshiian police captain apprised of developments. He had tried to enter Tahrir.Many were burnt transformer day, so he got a new transformer burned within three hours. RK Singh, Shiva opinions, Vicky Anil Yadav, Mohan, lamps etc. are present.Mau: Ramadan, scorching heat, the power cut will not be tolerated at any cost. Merchants and weavers anger can flare up at any time. In the city of unannounced power cuts occurred in Golabajar outrageous party leaders meeting on Thursday. Business Division President Vinod Jaiswal, former municipal Dhyksh Arshad Jamal, Taieb sedan, Dr. Ram Gopal Gupta, Awdul Hats, etc., people said that the power of chaos has lost its peace and tranquility of the people, that's not butter - bread has affected . If there had been smooth power supply to the Mau will be held in the coming months.

Surajpur (MAU): chhapra district mid-de-mile after Tuesday's children deteriorated condition and more than a dozen children after the death of District Administration has issued alerts. to pay special attention to all the bad quality ration to stop immediately in case of food has been directed.While all the focus on quality in the event of poor rations have been instructed to immediately stop feeding.Event on Wednesday, showing the severity of alerts issued by the district administration in the district. He was good company turmeric and oil to make bad food rations stopped immediately on receipt of the said notice to the authority concerned. Any reduction in quality from anywhere on the complaint, called for immediate action.Human Services Institute in Krhan workers met on Wednesday. In Bihar the mid-day - mile after eating condoled the death of children. With a two-minute silence for the peace of his soul to God prayers. The earliest wished ill children were healthy. Chairman Subhash Sharma said that this heart-wrenching event culprits should be punished severely. At the meeting, Dr. Soab Khan, Ansar Ansari, Ajay Verma, Narendra Jaiswal etc..

Mau: Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Board High School and Intermediate-run episodes of paused DAV Inter College will be on July 22. This information was given by the Principal of the school Devbhashkr TI.He Prisdiy list of test cases w e and w f paused to examine the results of the Council investigation team formed by 22 regional offices in the school will reach Varanasi. Student test results related to your marksheet stayed in this episode, along with other forms investigation team will attend school in the morning before 10 pm Present your side.

Paligadh (MAU): Kharif paddy sowing of the main crop of the running time. Farmers are upset at not getting water for irrigating fields. The reason is the absence of power supply.Surprisingly this is responsible for supply officers to better labor market instead of to the people of the village are advising of inverters.At a time when too many - are not seen electricity for several days. Is coming when you will go, not a guarantee.In this regard, to make aware of the problem of SDO, radheshyam villagers spoke better supply, he responded bluntly that his priority is to improve power supply in the city. The village husbandry and sleeping in the heat of Muhal Advised to speak out on the inverters.

Mau: municipal community recently by the Samajwadi Party on Saturday declared candidate for Lok Sabha constituency ghosi Rajiv Rai, increasing the price rise upâ in reception mahaghotala the country into the abyss has told the Government to take.Wrapping himself in the cloak of communalism in society were called upon to teach a lesson to those who spread hate.Revenue Minister Ambika Chaudhary and Tourism Minister Om Prakash Singh, head of the party Read ballads. The two ministers of state, head of government and party Suprimon defender of the poor and downandouts. Rajiv Rai said that the public has the opportunity, the MAU will undertake a separate recognition. Revenue Minister Ambika Chaudhary said Rajiv Gandhi, Bofors scandal was 76 million, Dr. Manmohan Singh Tugi three lakh crore spectrum, coal etc dozens of scandals. MOS Ram Singh Rana, MLA Sudhakar Singh, Baijnath Paswan, eternal Pandey said the Congress and the BJP government is not going to be whit. Prime Minister Mulayam Singh SP's sole contender, and this time people have to work hard.Sadhu Yadav on the occasion, Shailendra SP district chief, Altaf Ansari, Arshad Jamal, Taieb sedan, Rajendra Mishra, Munna Yadav, Hazari Singh, Uttar Pradesh state organization of the Board of Trade Industry Minister Rajesh Rai, former Student Union president Lal Bahadur Yadav were present. Earlier, heavy vehicles Lav - Muhammadabad Gohna with LeT received from several places of the city.

Ghosi (MAU): go to the red trail near ghaghra Administration has once again kotedaron and stakiston are the kerosene storage command is repeated.Chowdhury Jlrajn Upjiladikari Kotedaron and retail vendors allocate ten per cent or a drum of kerosene oil (whichever is higher) is ordered to be kept secure. The bulk of the two thousand liters of kerosene oil sellers have directed to be reserved for disaster. The stock will be reserved until October 31. In case of non-compliance will be taken against respective owner.

Mau: Marriage grants and incorrect reporting of disease Lekpalon will not do so. Low income people by showing them the benefits of the scheme ineligible employee will be penalized. District planning meeting on Wednesday, the Minister in charge of the district has directed that such lekhpalon action plan to provide less income, which take advantage of ineligible and eligible who are denied benefits.Srivastava Kumudlta district in the urban area of 25 546 and 19 884 in rural areas will grant income people.

Dohrighat (MAU) continues to skirt the water level constant elongation. Gauri Shankar pier in the river on the evening of Wednesday dohrighat six centimeters above the danger mark of 69.96 meters and Azamgarh, near the border Ciunteedandh Didwnia 45 cm above the danger point is blowing.Upjiladikari Ghosi Jlrajn Chowdhury, Block Development Officer Incharge Medical Officer Dr Faizan Manoj Verma and his entire team at the pier this afternoon gourishankar tow. Getting to the river with his eyes, he saw the magnitude of reduction. Flood relief and rescue teams are cut drastically, near Naga Baba Grotto of chaparral streams potent mix appeared to try in vain to bend in the opposite direction.

: the high-profile case of murder and rape absconding school manager Banke Singh was arrested by police Tuesday morning. Dhavriasath the property of Banke police station area resident Kopaganj last June 20 was attached. After the arrest of ruling party MLAs, MPs and ministers SP Dinesh Chandra Dubey forced to quit on mobile phones. SP not take the law into the hands of those who spoke with the leaders of the concession held Tkjk. Bliss Thanadhyksh Kopaganj Mishra presented to the court after arrest Banke. From there he was sent to jail while in judicial custody.Bake SP said that her birthday is on 20 December 2012 Dhavriasath Dnwati Devi Inter College School Hymn - Kirtan program was running. The night attendant udal the school Rajbhar been shot dead. Brinda udal son's murder and conspiracy charges in the station Kopaganj Rahul Singh, Raja Singh filed a lawsuit against. No evidence against the two met in deliberation. In deliberation Banke Singh, his son Jayawardene Singh, Sanjeev Singh, Singh and Kolura Akesh, Ranjit Singh accused of Muhammadabad made. It was absconding Banke. Police arrest a handsome reward to the police team announced.

: Nagar Hindi Bhavan, the District Congress Committee and senior leaders, activists met on Monday. Congress in Boston on July 12 to discuss preparations for the meeting with charge Madhusudan Mistry said.Rashtrkunvr Singh said district chief in charge state district 12 noon on July 12 Congressmen have time to talk. Those who meet her ex-candidate contested parliamentary elections, assembly election candidate, former MLA, Speaker of the frontal organizations, including senior leaders. All the people in charge of the elections in the state will hold detailed discussions regarding the selection of candidates. In another resolution passed at a meeting of the state Congress president sought the right to disciplinary action. Former MLA Jagdish Mishra, Amaresh Chandra Pandey, Professor Virendra Rai, former district chief Gauri Shankar Mall, Lal Ram, Ram Chandra Tiwari, Uma Shankar Singh, Ramjpit Pandey, Shakuntala Chauhan, Ramesh Pandey etc. expressed their views. Ramashray opinion, Nasim Belali, suhayl Nomani, Dina Nath Pandey, Vindhywasini reader, Bajrangi Singh Bzzu ', Brahmanand Pandey, Harishankar Roy workers were dozens etc..

: 10 pm 1 pm to tolerate the power cuts out. Given the upcoming Ramadan and Eid should be cut off immediately. If this is the roasting must be done in a day. The Sunday evening talking about power cuts in municipal lobby political leaders and businessmen at the meeting said. Things do not change after a joint meeting of leaders and traders warned of the movement.Imteyaj former lawmaker Ahmed NEVER be power cuts in the night. The entire city is a cut above Uddhelit. Palikadhyksh Arshad Jamal said that in the coming days before the holy month of Ramadan is about to start. It then cuts to weavers had to suffer. Omer business leaders Uma Shankar, Vinod Jaiswal and Dr. Gopal Gupta said that given the sensitivity of town as soon as the power is cut off. If necessary, disconnect power from five to nine days in the morning and evening for five to seven hours may be worked roasting. On this occasion, Mahesh Chand Arya, Smsulhk Chowdhury, Ovas bias are present.

Ghosi (Mau)
: state employee pension fund at all costs Joint Council Regulatory Development Authority (Pifdiara) would oppose the bill. Lucknow, July 10: Officials and Members of the Council motorcycle rally kicked encompass the reach Delhi on July 22. In the monsoon session of Parliament starting on July 21 offered in opposition to this bill observatory will encompass over.Community Health Center Council meeting held in Ghosi and Brranv Yadav Pifdiara collector ramashray applicable pension are currently retired workers' pensions will be closed. Pension shall be entitled to government hands. The government will have the authority to impose new pension policy. Fifty per cent of the basic pay contained in DA, the restoration of the old pension policy, five promotions in service, contract and permanent placement, including when to terminate the contract and demand the appointment letter will explain all fourteen points. Minister Sitaram Kushwaha's Legislative Assembly building performance on all ten employees and from there traveled to Delhi to join the rally, said the cycle. Said on July 22 submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister would encompass. Prema Singh Yadav Chualbual, Savita Yadav, dream, Jञanmti Singh, Rita Singh, Indrasini, Brahm Prakash, Manohar Prasad Kushwaha, noun, Sivakumar, Arvind Yadav, Ram, Ram Lal, Raj Kishore Yadav soft, some are Sonkar and Abbas etc..

Ghosi (Mau): the fertile local talent the city has once again proven its superiority. Pallavi Arya and VP Chuck local city adjacent to the city's success in Seepimti Ashok Kumar Yadav. Meanwhile, the young Ashish Kumar Senduraic Kopaganj area was ranked number 231 in the Indian Engineering Service. On the strength of his hard work and talent of local city bus station, grocery Professional Shankar Kumar Arya's daughter Pallavi resident in the 351 th ranked Seepimti have achieved. The local town of unreserved class student of Swami Vivekananda School and has studied at Sarvodaya Inter College. Pallavi test results come only at the pleasure of selecting relatives distributed sweets. Congress leader Anand Chaudhary, Ajay Arya, Ashish Arya and the student is motivated to perform the same in future. Pallavi as the doctor has vowed to serve in rural areas. Meanwhile, Ashok Yadav's son Mirza Shivnarine Jamalpur resident Chuck Vishwanath OBC category were ranked fifth in the 136 and 332 is unreserved. This young man is also a student of Sarvodaya Inter College. According to the representative of Kopaganj Senduraic Puragat Om Prakash Sharma, the son of a retired inspector Ashish cane has been selected for the IES. Hindustan Petroleum has appointed the young man was ranked 231.
Muhammadabad Gohna (MAU) in Kashi Gomti Vlidpur Kotia village on the bank of the NREGA workers on Thursday ruckus. Such that it led to violence. The glass broke out on the premises. The confusion - there was a state of panic.Women and men of the village Kotia linked to NREGA workers rushed to the bank to withdraw Rs. The work done by an employee without taking funds away confessed to arrive. It was exasperating workers. They come into account the amount of blood - reported earnings of sweat. Staff has increased the matter of a few more comments. Led to beatings occurred. By - Phantasy engaged in a dispute between the bank premises was broken glass. There were some cool people working on mediation. The banking operations could begin.

Puragat (MAU): local area Kurthyjafrpur sandstone colony of market power in the wake of Tuesday night's Tryping breaker repeatedly testing has become more expensive for consumers. By untrained workers per population in the middle of the power supply has been turned on all goods destroyed about  50 homes were electrified. It is the loss of millions. Current dozens of men and women to fall.Kopaganj Kurthyjafrpur Block Panchayat area with light coming again and again had Tryping. This Kshetrwasi were quite upset. During this very busy at night by the light sandstone Stewayr been added in the new colony. As soon as the power supply current, high voltage lights just went about 50 homes. People round, Sari Tani, dozens computer, half a dozen, laptop, fridge dozens, hundreds, ceiling fan, about 4 dozen mobile, hundreds of bulbs, tube lights were burned. Yasir has the highest damage, Khalil Ahmed, Shakeel, Mohd. Nyaj, Atikurrhman, Amir Ahmed, MO. Rizwan, MO. Umar, was of Sfikurrhman. The 28-year-old Mohammad. Nyaj, 42-year-old mo. Khalil, 18-year-old Farzana, vahida 30-year-old, 24-year-old Fatima, 35, was an electrical shock to a dozen people, including Asia.

Puragat (MAU): Block Panchayat Khukhundwa instrument made 30 years ago co-operative society has become quite worn out. Place - Place the ceiling inside explode in the rain flooded the room. Compost is difficult to keep. The villagers complained several times but each time he spoke with officials was rejected.Kopaganj Block Panchayat Shroj justice in the name of former Congress MLA self November 30 1983. Kedar Singh was disclosed. Nyaya Panchayat blocks from the dye and fertilizer in large quantities in the warehouse stocks are kept. Cooperative means quite a dilapidated state is reached. Never be dashed. The village Ajit Pandey, former head Lal, Raju Knnaujia, Ashok Roy, etc. Creator Shiv Bachan says that ten years ago and neither repair nor ever its coloration. ADO operative repair Lalji said the committee's report was sent to the government. Dyeing panting name comes from a different budget. Repair is possible only after the budget.