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Angry with reader Advocates on strike
Muhammadabad Gohna (MAU): a clash between advocates and court reader outrage over the tehsil lawyers could not be less than the second day. Upset advocates are on strike on Tuesday. However Upjiladikari DR. RD Pandey tried to resolve the matter but did not resolve the issue and advocate her obstinacy insisted.

Advocates allege that the reader's working style and behavior of advocates is not satisfactory. Monday's clashes were some advocates of reader. Since then advocate Upjiladikari Court is willing to work and function of the court to halt two days running.

Administration not paying attention to complaints
Muhammadabad Gohna (MAU): Samajwadi Party held on Monday at the office of the public sector's Day come from different villages complaint Looking at the pile of papers prayer SP activists raged. Assembly Speaker Ramsbd Yadav said that public sector administration complaints that people are not paying attention. Whether villages accountants or soldier all of them up by giving false reports officials are misleading. In as much as they dislike the government is increasing.

Workers that keep a vigilant eye on the complaint. Imposes administrative personnel or police false information in its report to them immediately. He reaches it, so that action can be taken against such employees. On this occasion, Sunita Yadav, Mahendra Paswan, dump Yadav, Ajay Kumar, Yadav Ramahrsh, radheshyam, Janul Abdin, Ashok, Santosh Rajbhar etc. were present.

School, college will be open in July
Mau: Private convent schools run by educational sessions from June, the District Magistrate is completely banned. On Sunday, on the orders of District Magistrate directed that Prisdiy Diaios or recognized or state primary, junior, convent etc. All the educational institutions will be coming July. If this did not comply with the order strict action would be taken against the concerned school.

Five days water supply stalled, provoking outrage
Mau: last five days because of technical malfunction neighborhood water supply from stalled anger was kindled. Hundreds of citizens on Saturday evening gave siege to tubewells. Citizens looking indignation operator and other employees deployed there were rudderless. Later on mediation councilor guys somehow considered only after, when they started to make the two-hour water supply assured.

Munshipura new settlement neighborhood of the city, behind the weaving school district panchayat road tubewells municipality's water supply is the people of the locality. Tubewells due to a technical fault in the last five days water supply was disrupted. Meanwhile, people were dying to drip water. To those who quench their thirst locality had to resort to the nearest mosque. Rojedaron in Ramadan had to grapple with water scarcity, his anger was kindled. On Saturday evening, he took an ugly turn and came up to the tube. Their anger Qadir Ahmed arrived and explained to councilors see-quicklime. The introduction of water in two hours to remove flaws assured only after people were calm. Performers Muhammad Aslam, Shamim Ahmad, Shahzad Ali, Safurrhman, Arif, Mujahid, Shamim etc.

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