Maunath Bhanjan News

Development will be non-discriminatory
Kopaganj (MAU) at a cost of Rs eleven lakhs from his fund, about ½-Batkol route Kacikla two hundred meters from the village ahead of variola temple CC Road inaugurated Saturday by regional MP Hari Narayan Rajbhar. In addition to the considerable number of villagers attended the occasion were BJP workers.

On the occasion, MP Mr. Rajbhar be no discrimination in the development of the region. To overcome the problems of the region, I am always prepared. BJP workers that there are problems in your area, let me know. Taking a dig at the state government in the state is running gundaraj. Now ministers are beginning to take law in hands. The day BJP government in the state will. Criminals, crooks, criminals are behind bars. On this occasion, party leader Akhilesh Tiwari, former Prime Ramkrn Chauhan, Manoj Kumar, devnath Rajbhar, Subhash Gupta, Kashi Nath Verma, former Prime Aklak Ahmed, Krishna Rajbhar, Hasnain, Shamim rosemary, ratnesh opinions, Subhash Chauhan, avadhesh are Gond etc..

Anger with night power cuts
Mau: Continued power cuts provoke traders and weavers on Friday blocked the town square Ruja. A tribute to one and a half hour long jam-half hours and three hours in the afternoon in the city atmosphere of panic. The difficulties faced by the people blocked roads. Board of Trade of the people say that the night was not cut off the entire district will be blocked.

According to the program announced by traders former weaver morning with representatives from picketing on the street officers were rudderless. Business leaders say that the night would take hours to cut off electricity to heat all the citizens are going Bilibla.. All India Trade delegation headed goblet industry Sangh DR. Ram Gopal Gupta did. Kanhaiya Jaiswal, Habibullah Tandvi, Ramker Vishwakarma, Iftekhar decking, Mahatm Yadav, Rashid, Ramdulare, Azhar Faizi, Akhilesh Kumar etc were present.

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