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Politcs getting hot on Dohrighat episode
Madhuban (MAU): dohrighat district police station and between activists of the ruling party over Nokjonk politics is becoming heated. Holding leaders of the ruling party lost the police action against him and SP workers have sought to withdraw the lawsuit filed, the opposition parties have stood in the dock to the SP.

SP Mahendra Yadav said the SP activists were demanding justice from the police in land dispute but unilateral action by the police misbehave with workers. Will not tolerate it. On the SP workers filed back does not take action against the guilty police personnel guilty policemen then went to Lucknow Spajn chief will convey this episode. SP leader Om Prakash said the public's right to abuse someone in the government is not. In this case, action should be taken against the guilty police personnel. BJP leader Bharat brother when police said the secret is not safe, then what happens to the common man.

BJP committed to the safety of women
Gopiganj (Bhadohi): BJP Mahila Morcha general secretary Kamalavati co BJP government is committed to the protection of women. India led the world in the name of the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is illuminating. On Monday, the Regional Secretary dream Kashi co-located Gopiganj Mr. Dube was excited at the residence of the female workers.

He provides valuable contribution of women in every sector of society is experiencing. Remembrance of their contributions and their safety, to protect honor Mahila Morcha has organized a trip. Rani Lakshmi Bai, the sacrifice of the Day of the Martyr's Day on June 18 and June 24 ²shtgt queen Durgavati keeping Ashoka Road in New Delhi on June 17 will start the trip. The visit Faridabad, Mathura, Kanpur, Jhansi, Lucknow, Faizabad, Gorakhpur, Varanasi etc. Notwithstanding places superpower Mahakali venerable venue will be concluded in Kolkata. Kashi province Dube said that the visit of the General Secretary's dream to be successful, has called for the sisters. On this occasion, Shakuntala Dube, Gayatri Devi, Neelam Pandey, Chandarani, compassion, Indudevi, Neetu, light, star, queen, Archana, Shivani etc.

MP  laid the foundation stone for the construction of sewers
Mau: Central Haj Committee member and BSP Rajya Sabha MP Salim Ansari Grthuli Kopangaj growth segment in the groove near the famous Gauri Shankar temple construction cost of Rs one million for the beautification work laid the foundations of the building. That all religions are equal in our culture. Hindu-Muslim-Sikh-Christian in the country, if they are cultured country like India does. In the example of a country in the world does not get Indian traditions. • Iale all of our efforts to present Brhmsthanon beautification of shrines, cemeteries and cremation ghats should be constructed. This work is also on footing. 

Central and state government accused the public all plans have been shut down. State's farmers, youth, weavers, traders, students, the unemployed are all suffering. Law and order have been destroyed. If the BSP government was all-round development of the law was very fit. In the coming days again be ruled by BSP. District panchayat member DR. Jaiprakash Yadav, MP representative Jamal Rashid, Sharik Masood, Raj Kumar Sharma, Principal Suryanath Maurya, former Prime Bashir Ahmad, Ramchandra Maurya, Rambdn Sharma, Ramangina Rajbhar etc. presented their views. Operations Rambvn Rama and chaired by Suryanath Maurya.

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