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Inquiry's on  BLO work
Surajpur (MAU): dohrighat block Jmunipur village not to stop taking Bielo resist. Bielo examine their past work done by the supervisor on Thursday they had loopholes. Nand Lal Sahni Bielo appointed accountants arrived to investigate found that 39 families had reached. These families had to work until reaching revising voter lists. Although the former village head Dharmu Yadav Tehsil administration to BDO Lgayt Bielo alleging bias to work with the villagers have demanded removal.

BJP encompass against problems
Madhuban (MAU): corruption and deteriorating law and order in the state, including the 10-point demands, the BJP-day picketing at the local tehsil headquarters and addressed to the governor handed over a memorandum opinion Upjiladikari Amarnath. Addressing lay the chief guest, said that the party's regional general secretary Vinod Rai night robbery, robbery, murder, rape, things are going to Chinati.

Sunil Gupta said that the worsening situation in the state law should dismiss the state government. Opinion is divided on the issue of corruption, said the law has failed, the government should resign on moral grounds. Mangru Gupta are devastated farmers in the state, the canals, no water, electricity is not known, but the state government has been playing flute diagnosis rather peacefully. Rose lay Kushwaha, Manoj Chartuvedi, Matwr Chauhan, Narendra Malla, Himanshu Roy, Bablu brazier, Maha Prasad Gupta, Praveen Gupta, co radheshyam, Alok was addressed by Malla. District President Vijay Narayan Sharma and co-chaired by the district vice Dolaran.

 Construction works begun for Mau railway terminal
Mau: towards the development of its district is another jump shot. The much-awaited, much-publicized Mau terminal doubts-doubts with regard to all kinds of people were away. Almost five years ago declared the Mau Junction has begun to change in the terminal. After quite a long wait after a wave of joy in people's work starts here. Construction work starts now in people's advancement of progress on the ground Mau grew powerful new history being written is expected. In the west side of the terminal work is being conducted on the railway junction complex. The Rs 14 crore for the project so far has allocated Rs one crore. This Wa¨sg pit walls for building foundations are being dug. Loco Shed beside large pits bridge is running fast. So the trains can be laid out for delivering new rails. Divisional Railway Manager PRO Ashok Kumar said that as the government will get the money, the next phase will be undertaken.

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