Maunath Bhanjan News

Guardian tensed for higher education
Paligadh (MAU): This year has been a good parent board exam results but also pleased and satisfied with the attitude of the sixth them. Daughters' higher education if they are disturbed by the absence of proper management. Due to lack of nearby colleges graduate-level class. Where-stays private college, the parents say that there is arbitrary exploitation of students. But also people with their education system and examination system finger are raised. If you only talk to the local village to block RANIPUR eight km from here and 15 km from the district headquarters at public colleges Disiske PG College. In the study, the biggest obstacle in the way of these colleges have movement. 

The region's many students who are financially vulnerable to their parents why they drop out after Inter's. Is not appropriate to go to colleges and public buses. RANIPUR private bus on route. The tight-tight between the students and the parents do not like to go and send. Most rural parents' economic situation is not the best school by remote hostel and can arrange rentals. These factors most talented is not ready to take any risk. Forced to embark on family life becomes their helplessness. Parents are also marriage-wedding mystified. If the state government and the Indian government focuses on education in rural areas so that these girls are not deprived of higher education. Urban girls they like his talent Mnwatin iron.

Contact road damage in the freedom fighter village
Madhuban (MAU): The country with the British to liberate iron Kunvrpurwa resident of the area who live in the village of freedom fighter Mngldev Rishi Pandey made to reach break-pitch route is becoming transformed into the pit. Despite the announcement today in his memory to the entrance of the building has not.

Sector for Kunvrpurwa Gajiapur Dubari contact routing path is tied. After the death of freedom fighter by the district administration to make contact with the pitch route was built in the village sewer. Andekhai standard from place to place because of the way into the pit has started to collapse. Dbangon places by drainage in the village have been closed and unimportant. The problem villagers were exposed several times by the administration but to date it has not been resolved. Not only Swattrnta fighters rushed to pay tribute to him on the death of his memory by the people's representatives in the entrance building was declared to be provided, but several years later, this remains not see any effort. Sanad that Rishi ji 1942 revolution to liberate the country had a vital role.

Arrived at home, stated Achievements
Mau: Modi government on completion of one year of the Centre's achievements by workers mass being lifted. On Monday, the regional vice president of BJP Mahila Sheila Gupta household in the city go to the government's recent achievements of women members informed. Earlier, the BJP Mahila Morcha office and regional vice president was welcomed at the residence of Meena Agarwal.

Munshipura city, Shadtpura, public relations during a street Nijamuddinpura etc. He said the Centre's BJP government welfare schemes implemented for all sections of society. Curbing corruption in one-year term. A single scandal came to light. Improved foreign country concerned. Jndn scheme was launched for the general public. The scheme recorded in accounts opened at banks. People's savings account was introduced as the insurance plan. The Prime Minister has pledged to keep the country clean. In this phase of the cleanup in other parts of the country is fast becoming. Holy Mother Ganga to keep clean and beautiful Nmami Gange scheme has been launched. The pilot project has begun work on creating a footing. 

He asked the members of Mahila Morcha Mahasnprk newly created campaign members are always available Caryktriyan and telling them about the government's plans. During this visit the homes of the central government, including the new members, he told achievements. On this occasion, General Secretary Krishna Khandelwal, Doctor. Alka Rai, Sangeeta Dwivedi, Manjula Jaiswal, Manju Gupta, co Roli, Indira Khandelwal were present.