Maunath Bhanjan News

BJP  contacted New members
Ghosi (Mau) of digital subscriptions Tman í after installing the BJP members' Mahasnprk campaign is to be treated in the firm. In the process of the regional party Front for Social Justice Sunil Kumar Gupta, Chairman and booth migrant Badagaav north of the city on Tuesday at booth # 133 have joined the online proforma Brwaya voters.

Mr. Gupta, starts from May 26 to June and lasting ten this Mahasnprk campaign during the party giving new members a form. Complete the form to introduce new members, interest, educational qualifications, occupation and other information, including account numbers by filling Jndn will be submitted to the office. New member organizations and the central government in respect of activities can give suggestions. The ten new members since June booths contacts associated with individual membership to contact members' contact Proforma worker "will be filled. He then connected through collective and camp members said membership would Braya proforma. This process will continue until July 31. Senior BJP leader Anand Chaudhary, former district panchayat member, Manish Mishra, former Prime Balachandas, compliments Rajbhar, Vijay Rajbhar, MS, Nagend Tribhuvan Bharti, Amit Srivastava, Fulkumari, Meena Devi and Jugesh Rajbhar Sunri were present.

No threat to the Congress with Modi
Mau: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is no threat to the Congress. Prime Minister Modi's policies have been exposed among the masses. The SP government to weaken the party in the state has been playing a major role. He awaited Food Security Act of Congress during the Lok Sabha elections in Uttar Pradesh did not apply. The party suffered in many states have been implementing the plan. That it could not be implemented in the state after one year. NREGA in the state also plan to eliminate being. This party is not disconcerting. Congress President Daknirml Khatri said things somewhere. They were Ruvru from Monday Mirjahadipura Prtrkaron located in a plaza. Even if Congress is not in power today but he still has a lot to offer to the public. With respect to the common man and to give them the convenience of being constant movement. Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi National Vice renewed plans are designed to strengthen the party. He said that on the question of factionalism in politics is the ambition of those who come. So some different looks. On the question of the party are all one. During the past months, the Congress block level to the conflict which had prepared Msvda. It is her huge success. So justice awareness program is being implemented at the panchayat level. In this context, they are also frequent visits. Efforts that the country's oldest party again made comprehensive. Continued public about the problems of the program are being made. Among the party's state secretary Rashtrkunvr cum press conference, District President avanish co-chairman Khalid Ansari and the city were present.

Auto drivers protested against ban
Mau: Tapon run city in the interior of the ban on Sunday Mirjahadipura angry auto drivers performed. The council has been protesting against the president. Auto drivers said that the city has not stopped ever smaller vehicles. This time, the former chairman of the city council, citing the jam it is closed. Educated unemployed Tempo Association Committee president Anwar Hashmi said the past six days, the city's auto drivers are sitting idle. He could not stand giving Municipality, is determined to reverse Rosie -roti. Shah said the Municipal People's Union General Secretary Isteyak auto drivers lying behind from the start. Yet Thbajari name was being harassed. Tempo was not allowed to drive into the city, they can not sit silent. Similar support our Rosie -roti moving. Auto-running ban will starve if their child. Therefore demands have not been met, they will begin indefinite strike carpet. On this occasion, Chief Ramzi Mohammed Vshim, Shivchand Mauryan, Rajesh Verma, Shah Alam etc were present.