Travel Lithuania

Lithuania, it is the largest and one of the most beautiful country among the Baltic States and it is located in northern Europe. It is located ahead the southeastern coast of the Baltic Sea, bordered by Poland to the south, Belarus to the south and Latvia to the northern part. If you are looking for a destination to discover varied and suitable for nature lovers and hikers, try Lithuania. Its beautiful nature with green hills, clear blue lakes, pine forests and health improvements lovely spas create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere for your vacation.

 Curonian Spit
Curonian Spit, Lithuania

It has a long history as an independent country. Earlier it is the part of the Polish-Lithuanian empire. It was divided by Russia and Prussia in 1795. After a short duration of independence in 1900, the area was engrossed by the Soviet Union. Nowadays, it is a member of NATO and the European Union, and has become one of the fastest emerging destinations of tourism in Europe.

Population and language

The country has about 3 million population. The Lithuanians are a Baltic people and remain relatively homogeneous. Ethnic Lithuanians constitute over 83% of the population, followed by Polish, Russians and Belarusians.

Language and Religion

The official language is Lithuanian and it is one among the two surviving Baltic languages, along with Latvia. About 84% of the population speak Lithuanian as their native language. Russian, Polish, and English are also spoken here. More than 75% of Lithuanians belong to the Roman Catholic. Other religions such as Protestant, Russian Orthodox, evangelical and Jewish is also followed by the people.


Lithuania has a temperate climate with average temperatures ranging from -2.5 °C in winter and 16 °C in summer. Winters tend to be very wet either with rain or snow depending on the location. Severe storms are common in coastal areas. Usually rains throughout the year but more intensely in August. Usually snows during the winter months.


Lithuania joined the European Union in 2004. Prior to the recent global financial crisis, Lithuania had one of the fastest growing economies in the Europe. Major industries in the country include the production of electric motors, televisions, refrigerators, optical equipment, electronic components and farm equipment.

Lithuania has a well developed rail, road and airport system. Vilnius International Airport is the largest airport, many visitors come to Lithuania through this Airport, while others include Kaunas International Airport and Palanga International Airport. You can also travel to Lithuania with ferry from Sweden, Denmark and Germany or by train, bus or train from Latvia, Poland, Russia and Belarus. You can travel between major cities by bus or train. Major roads are well maintained, while roads in rural areas are somewhat less.

The main cities and tourist destinations

It is the capital, largest and oldest city of the country. It is famous for its architecture and nightlife. Major travel attraction includes  St. Anne's Church, Vilnius old town, KGB Museum, Gediminas tower, Cathedral, Vilnius University and Hill of Three Crosses.

It is also know as heart of the country. It is famus for arts, culture and historical sites. You can travel there to visit local museums and the castle. It is also famous for shopping, nightlife and lively annual events. Pazaislis Monastery, Ninth Fort, Old Town, St. Gertrude's Church, Mykolas Zilinskas Art Museum and Kaunas Castle are the major travel attraction.

It is a port city and famous for its summer festivals. The major travel attraction includes Curonian Spit, Lithuanian Sea Museum, Akropolis and Mini Zoo.

It is located just 28 kilometers from Vilnius and is famous for its castle. Trakai Castle and Trakai Historical National Park are the major travel attraction of the city.

Trakai Castle
Trakai Castle
It is also known as party town of the country. It is a popular summer destination and has several museums and beaches to visit. Palanga Amber Museum, Palanga Beach and Antanas Moncys house museum are the major travel attraction of the city.

Travel attraction in Lithuania is unquestionable that's worth visiting because it offers several historical sites, cultural places and lakes.It is really a charismatic country. If you are planning a vacation than make a trip to Lithuania, you will definitely enjoy your vacation.