Travel Perth

Perth is situated on the west coast of Australia more than 4400 km from Sydney and can claim the title of the most isolated city in the world.  It has a cosmopolitan atmosphere bathed in a landscape of great beauty. Perth is lively city that stands in a picturesque setting along the river , boasts sunshine all over the year.

The Perth city is very large and  has great attractions for tourists, also it has  nice parks to see. The city is modern but there are still some old buildings to see.

Perth City

Public transport in Perth

There is a "smart" card for travelers, but it is helpful when you stay several days in and around the city. The metropolitan area is divided into 9 Zones. Tickets are valid for 2 hours up to 4 zones and for 3 hours for most areas. This means that with a single ticket you can change different vehicles, within that time frame.  It is best to check the website, with all data lines, prices, search paths, etc. It includes bus, train and ferry lines.

Free transport in Perth

There is a Free Transit Zone (FTZ) for buses in the (Central business district) CBD : they are free, that means you can use it without paying.

Travel by Car

Car hire is the best options to explore the city because it provide freedom to move here and there. In Perth you can find many car rental agencies who provides there services. But before booking check rates on website and also there terms and conditions. 

Accommodation in Perth

You can find many good hotels in and around Perth City. Hotel Northbridge, Metro hotel Perth, Country comfort inter city Perth are the best options for you.

Tourist attractions in Perth

Beaches: The beaches of Cottesloe and Scarborough with amazing white sand are favorite destinations for swimmers and surfers, despite occasional appearances of the white shark. The sea varies greatly from one day to another.

Perh Beach
Perh Beach

Park: King's Park,  is a beautiful park where you can enjoy the surroundings and relax with sipping an ice cream. It is one of the most popular tourist sites in the city.

King's Park
King Park

Fremantle: This is a small town and has village like atmosphere, with historic houses. Here you can find several excellent restaurants and bars. Go there and enjoy good food, shopping etc.