Geography & Climate

Mustard field

Mau is located on the fertile plains area of the Ganga - Ghaghara and Tauns River which is very close near to Varanasi and Gazipur district. It lies between 83° 17’ to 84° 52' East & 24° 47' to 26°17' north. Mau is surrounded by many historical city at its north, Ghaghara river is on the border, from south part Ghazipur district is located, Ballia district is located on the east & Azamgarh district is on the western side of the Mau. Mid Gangetic plain is represented in this district represents geographical characteristics. "Khachari" and "Khadar" are types of soil found in the areas of north of Azamgarh - Ballia Road, Gorakhpur. Bangar soil is also found at some high places. In the southern part of the district, river flow is absent, due to which that area has Bangar type of soil, which is not fertile. The river system of the district is dominated by the Taunsns River and its tributary Choti Sarju.

Paddy Field

The Ghaghara River forms the northern border of the district. The main means of irrigation in the district are tube wells as well as water from Tauns River. Ponds are used mainly for fishing and bird sanctuary purposes. Pakari Piua pond has 1.7 km breadth and 32 km length is also found in Mau. It also has two big ponds Tal one Ratoy tal near Madhuban and Garha tal near Ratanpura. Ground water can be obtained from 30 to 50 meters depth. Ground water is used for drinking purposes. Tube well is the main source for irrigation in Mau region. It is also called life line for farmers.