MAUNATH BHAJAN,Vinod Kumar Yadav

Mau has a very nice and fabulous background from the historical point of view. There are lots of ups and down that MAU district has faced from its olden days.We can say that History of Mau is very rich.

Mau has a very rich historical background from the time of Sher Shah Suri, the emperor who had defeated Humayun, visited Madhban, a nice tourist place having nice of tourist attractions, to meet great Sufi Saint Syed Ahmad Wadva. Syed Sahab dargah is a tourist attraction where Mahvani, one of the daughters of Sher Shah Suri permanently settled there. Sher 

 Shah Suri has taken many steps for development of Mau. He has undertaken many economic developments in the Mau region. There is also a history that after Humayun had retaken India, Akbar the great passed through Mau on his way to Allahabad.

Besides its textile industries Mau is also famous for its unani medicines called "Laal Tel" (Red Oil) which is used fir body massage having a great medicinal properties for healing, various types of joint pains, tooth pain, also helpful in insect bites, Scorpio bites etc. This oil has many names and brands like Herbleen Laal Tel, Noorani Laal Tel. This oil has also a unique usage as it is helpful in infant’s massage which is helpful to increase muscular activity and growth.
Large number of weavers and workers got settle there during the construction of military base a Shahi Masjid which was came with Mughal Army, which was originally from Iran, Afghanistan and turkey.

Peoples of Mau also give a great support during the period of struggle in freedom of India. Peoples of Mau provide a great support at that time. At 3 October 1939 during 3rd salt law breaking movement many person from Mau actively took part to support Mahatma Gandhi at Dohrighat. There is an another history during quit India Movement in 1942, a mob of numbers of people collected in outrage of an action by Madhuban Police Officer, at present of collector Navalte, he ordered his men to open fire on the mob resulting death and injury of many people. To respect saheed of that movement a monument was built on the spot in respect of saheeds that has made ultimate sacrifice. There was a great contribution by people like Jharjhandey and Tejpal Singh in the early 70 and 80s for social empowerment in Mau district. They worked for the Mau.

Mau was a important township of Azamgarh district before 19 November 1988.Late Kalpanath Rai and Late Maulana Habibur Rahman has a great contribution in making Mau as a district of Uttar Pradesh. Which leads to the development of peoples of Mau?

The major language that was mainly used by peoples of Mau is Bhojpuri and mixture of Persian, Turkish and Irani. The main earning of Mau is mainly done by their textile industries, the main tools that were used is power loom. Large number of weavers involved in making Sari, Lungi and other clothes. Which leads to the export of these clothes to other sate of India and across world?

Dhieru’s a way of studying in very famous in Temple of Baba Thanidas Ji situated in a village of Sonadih of Mau District.

Government has done a great job by opening Indian Council of Agricultural Research Institute for the research on microorganisms at Mau. Also number of schools and colleges run by state government were growing day by day.