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Construction work started for District Women hospital
Construction of the proposed female district hospital in the district started. Its construction was started in the old district hospital campus is. District Women's Hospital to be approximately 20 million cost of construction of the building by the State Construction Corporation has started construction of the first floor. The construction of the hospital on June 10, 2015 was to be the task of selecting the site for the time being not to manufacture it started late. The new hospital will be handed over to the public by March 2017. The state government in July 2014 as the state's Ballia, Chandauli, Etawah, Gazipur, Bhadohi, Sonbhadra, Azamgarh and Jaunpur in Mau woman and gynecology as well as to open the unit was approved. The budget of 20 million has also been provided. So to say in the old district hospital campus in 2010-11 Women's Hospital 30-bed has been set. Earlier in the same campus in the district hospital and was undergoing treatment for both women and men were. 


Yoga camp taught the art of fighting diseases
Mahaso village Ranipur block area covered by the Patanjali Yoga Committee Mahaso running from November six ten-day yoga training camp on Saturday, hundreds of people took part in many of his important information as well as the sum raised. The sum of the various properties of the people in the camp learned of several diseases. Yoga camp beginning on the sixth running of the daily number of people is increasing. Four hundred people took part in the camp at the present time have the benefit of yoga camp. The people in the camp as well as free yoga and drug Mahaso village development and village are resolved to clean. The disciple Swami Ramdev Yoga Camp Prasad yoga camp is running in 193 countries throughout the program. The program Bahadur Yadav, Ramesh Yadav, Ishutab Priyadarshy Uma Shankar, Rajesh, Ramavd, Angad, lamps, Amit Abhishek, Sonu, Gulshan well as hundreds of people took part


Fulpruf security will be among the nomination of Pardani
Prdani administration for conducting the election safely Fulpruf security arrangements are made. Monitoring the DSP blocks in each block complex in the Outer and Inner Cordon split heavy police force would be deployed. Blocks will be installed on the metal detector; it will be passing the Prime Ministerial candidate nomination. The PAC and women police will also be deployed. In the first phase of election head Ratnpura, Kopaganj and Prdhan blocks 16 and 17 November at eight o'clock in the morning till four o'clock head and gram panchayat members would nomination. Panchayat elections, the nominations for the high-profile position safely to the challenge are for government and administration. A. The administration has strict arrangements. DSP blocks each one has been given charge of the security arrangements. CO monitoring station in one charge, SI, constable, PAC, including women constables would be deployed. Outer and Inner Cordon nomination premises would be installed in the dividing force.


Resolution for Pollution-free Diwali
Chirayakot (MAU): truth over untruth, light over darkness on the occasion of the celebration of local PKS public school students celebrates Diwali pollution resolved. Rangoli with his hands attractive, maintain and lamp decorations Gri¨tg cards displayed their talents and skills.Jury MD Pervez Ahmed and Ayub Loyalty school children appreciated the art. Diwali to all congratulated each other. Along with the announcement that the rangoli, Gri¨tg card, Dia Dekareshn competition first, second and third prizes will be awarded after winning those Diwali.The school manager and principal RB Tiwari gave very happy Diwali to all. The program Malik Muhammad Razi, Arif Khan, Nizamuddin Ansari was present. The Krhan Rai¨tg slogan contest held at the Mir Shamsi school students heavily subdivided. Diwali and Bhai Duj more than a slogan written on one.First, second and third-place prizes to participants Manager principal Arif Hasan. 


District playes waved flag
Muhammadabad Gohna (MAU) in the courtyard of the town's public Balika Inter College Sports competition in the two-day 21st regional education district players finally took proved its mettle. The district received the maximum 310 points Balia and was pushed back to Azamgarh. They only got 175 points. Balia had to settle for third place. Senior child class competition, 400, 800 and 1,500-meter races Inter College student Sunil Rajbhars topped Town. Injection cycle in the senior girls’ category, javelin and hammer throw pitch in the first churches was Vishwakarma. Madhuban in Fatehpur Girls Inter College student Girija Rtoy rhythm from the start has talented players. It ranked second Sushma Yadav. Similarly, senior class girls 100 and 200 races and cycle initiation into injection was topped Gupta. The Inter Srsena college student of the game proved its mettle in every department. Sheikh Sallu school manager delivered the prizes to the contest ended. The event is co Harinath, suit Co, Sajia Rehman, the district school inspector Vinod Kumar Rai, Sheikh Abdullah and Sheikh Sman are present.


The need for social reform guidance
Growing evils in society to prevent and clean society in society need to be guided. That is an important way of preventing spread evils. Jamiat Ahle Hadith things Muslim Inter College campus in the district president Maulana Sohail Akhtar Msavarti Ijtema Madani said. The Ijtema all city leaders were linked to the Jamiat. Maulana said that the only party and lectures, we cannot reform society. Now we need to reach out to the people. Nazim Maulana Mazhar Ahsan Aliya Madrasa Arabia Ajhri has said that today's youth astray. He needs to get on track. Islahi parties in each locality with the practical work will also. MP Salim Ansari said that we, along with religious education in schools Asri (modern) will have to be trained.


The festival will celebrate together
Mau: Diwali, Lakshmi and Kali Puja festivals, the police administration has plans. Consequently, the peace committee met on Sunday police station. Taking into account the issues raised by the worship committee seeks her quick diagnosis. Meanwhile, all the people together, have agreed to celebrate the festival. Kumar said that every individual jurisdictional Muharram, Dussehra, Durga Puja and Bharat Solder all citizens, making their job honestly took the festival safely. Mao's people are praiseworthy. Former president a measured Arshad Jamal said the administration, the media and the people of hindu muslim festival committee Purmusrrat example of solidarity on the occasion of presenting, to congratulate him. Municipal board meeting with a ceremony in the festival program offer efficient wealth is to be held shortly. Bahadur Kunwar said Provost Co will take every little thing seriously. To celebrate the festival with the support of the people of the city administration is committed to safely. Millat Ibrahim minister said last festival was celebrated in the way that is gratifying for all of us.


3.71 crore sanctioned for various plans
Mau: The district health committee meeting on Saturday of the governing body headed by Magistrate Vaibhav Srivastava development held at the auditorium of the building. The National Health Mission and the National Children's Health Programme under the 2015-16 Mobiliti Sup- port vehicles 15 taxi permits, pregnant women suffering from severe Rktalpta Li¨stg line, maternal mortality review the implementation of the program, the national teen program, Staff Nurse, Hope Caryktri funding various remunerative plans to operate a total of 03 million individual items worth Rs 71 lakh 59 thousand 343 were approved.


Muhammadabad dominated in sports
Muhammadabad Gohna (MAU): On Friday, the first day of the sixth district secondary youth sports competition in various sports dominated Muhammadabad Gohna tehsil. Public Balika Inter College campus junior girls 200-meter race Muhammadabad first and Sadar Tehsil initiation Gupta, Sweta Patel finished second. Arti Rajbhars first 1500m race, cooked Paswan II, first in the long jump Muhammadabad worship Pandey, Krwata of Madhuban II, Arti Rajbhars first president in the 800-meter race, was second Shweta Patel. Senior Girls' category in the 800m race Mau Rita sail first, Muhammadabad Sushma second, long jump Muhammadabad Kalawati first, second Rupanjli opinion, ammunition dumping Ritika opinion of the Muhammadabad first, Madhuban Girija II, 1500m race Muhammadabad Silence of the first, second Kanchan of Madhuban, Ckrkshepn Girija Madhuban ranked first and second co mascara. The former legislator from Nizamabad Almbdi school sports highlight in life. Dharmprkash Yadav on the occasion, Shama Shaikh, Sheikh Abdullah, and Sheikh Sllu were present.


Traditional rules should be followed
Ghosi (Mau): Rakesh Jaiswal kotwal charge in rural and urban areas in the mother Lakshmi Diwali stalls statue of the former tradition of the committees are asked to discharge. These committees held in the police station on Thursday at a meeting of director’s peaceful manner, he did warn of worship and immersion editing. Including local municipal committee came from operators in rural areas, he said no problem said loudly loudspeaker prohibited. During immersion, not blocking traffic and not make a noise, called unnecessary. The procession stopped in crowded areas to refrain from dancing. Doing so seems to jam on the road. During the procession to pass advised to desist from competing. At the meeting, Sub-Inspector Manoj Kumar Srivastava Guddn governing committee, including co and Yugut Narayan, spacious, sprat, Satya Prakash, Raju, Ram Kumar and Anil were present, including the Jahangir Khan. 


Students participated in the race and the long jump and showed potential
Mau: Jivnram dormitory town on Wednesday Tehsil level education in the field of sports competition was launched with enthusiasm. On this occasion, students in the long jump and the race showed remarkable enthusiasm. Similarly, in the long jump Ram Pratap Yadav and Kusum were topped Bharati. 200-meter race in the senior category, Sunil Kumar and Rita topped sails. Sandeep Yadav first in the junior boys 100m race and was topped Ftima Khatun. Jai Narayan Dubey Mashisn district was inaugurated president. The victory is his best performance in the field does. Visitors are
welcome to the life of Ram Yadav Awdesh Inter College Principal. Jury Ramji Yadav, Om Prakash Rai, Shankar Co, Ar¨vd Co, etc. were co satisfaction.


The foreigner learn seed technology
Mau: Scientists from several countries have improved seed production techniques Kushmur read the text of the Seed Research Directorate. Recently, Nepal, Thailand and Cambodia team of scientists seed production techniques, quality improvement measures have been studies team of scientists from Nigeria is going to come next week. US, Japan, China, Germany and many countries Lgayt scientific studies have come about seed production technology. Under the agreement with African countries where Indian scientists visiting team will also seed production technology education. Overall, the Directorate as high quality seed research are being.


MPs are frozen at polling station
Kopaganj (MAU): Ward No. 15 Kurthyjafrpur district during counting in elections won by the candidate declared defeat late night with angry supporters were present at the center. Supporters alleged that the administration of power pressure and in connivance loser candidate has won the election. The case of MP Hrinrayn Rajbhars arrived. He was informed of the incident immediately to the District Magistrate. Both candidates and supporters at the counting center were face to face. For security personnel were deployed. ADM's re-election was directed instructions. MP Hrinrayn Rajbhar, Yogendra opinion, Pramod opinion etc. People stood at the counting center. The IA-IA continued to CDO. Finally, six were placed in boxes and election ballots count difference was found in the chart. Around four o'clock in the morning flatulent goddess was declared winner.


Publication of a photo voter list today
Mau: EC directives of the four constituencies of district voters of photo electoral rolls will be published on Monday. People on these objections by November 30 will be able to submit their claims and objections. District Election Officer, the District Magistrate Vaibhav Srivastava November designated officer of the respective polling station on the polling stations and the electoral roll format 06, 07, 08 will be present from 10 am till four o'clock. Arriving voters at a polling station in the electoral rolls of their section and required inspections will form 06, 07, 08 and 08 (a) who will appropriate, will provide. Designated officers are deployed as the primary school teacher.

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14 January 2015
: the agency in its backlog in the district of Indian Oil supply cylinders to ensure a week. Tour is supplied through home delivery. Gas agency in the event of a crowd of people at the appropriate administrative action will be taken. On Wednesday, the gas collector Chandrakant Pandey Collectorate auditorium meeting between company and agency owners said these things. The gas in the event of disturbances Ghosi fine figure of Rs 3.25 lakh has directed the agency

13 January 2015

Mau: District 313 by holding a little easier for workers to go on the site will no longer work. UP and aid workers bicycle scheme operated by the Board on Tuesday, MLA Minister Baijnath bicycles were distributed to 313 construction workers.

12 January 2015
Ghosi (MAU)
: "Wake up and not wait until then, until the goal is not. Swami Vivekananda slogan changed to the motto Bhopura Shanti Singh college youth awareness of young successful attempt to deliver the message. Out of college campus rally on Monday to pass through the entire Bhopuro and Ndwasray market back. Swami Vivekananda Jayanti celebrated as National Youth Day love this college Ti, Ti range, Yamini Singh, Ankita Singh and Prachi Singh made rangoli enthralling students to campus from the entrance. Remove the youth mass procession are an inspiration to youth through the owner's message broadcast slogans. Later in college campus manager Dr. Isdutt Singh Prabhakar youthful talent and knowledge supernatural Swami Vivekananda were mass.

11 January 2015
: No card in the district is being built according to the standard basis. Last month Collectorate and advocates of civil work to the base card. No receipt was given for it, nor was a message on the cell phone. This is obviously wrong that was not getting anywhere. Rakesh Kumar Singh is the founder of the things the revolutionary party. With respect to the base card collector things were expressed during handing leaflets.

10 January 2015
: theft, new connections, outstanding electricity bills, from January 28 to February 12 for adjustment etc. campaign recovery and other work will be completed. Saturday in the lobby Collectorate headed collector Chandrakant Pandey. It was decided by the three Executive Engineer 12, 13 and 14 January on each station SDO, JE, Upjiladikari, CO and meeting with the leaders of the villages and small village elders and the defaulters list will be made available. So the villagers collect their outstanding bills, by legal action to prevent illegal connections can create.

9 January 2015
: 72 825 in primary schools to recruit trainees being counseled by August. Despite not yet being recruitment process. Due to delays in recruiting candidates and repeated counseling is facing a lot of inconveniences. The things Diet campus meeting on Friday, said the tet qualified candidates. Ranveer Singh government struggles Tiiti Front collector is deliberately delaying recruitment. Never, never in the name of counter counseling and verification of certificates in the name of being upset. Ranveer Singh Front collector conflict tet tet any candidate is not sure of your selection. At the high Merit Merit habits can be replaced with. This has been through counseling once every Tiiti candidate. He wants to get his appointment immediately.

8 January 2015
: Makar Sankranti and Republic Day and the upcoming festival on February 17, when the purpose of public opinion Mahashiv given night Additional District Magistrate Sameer Verma in the district has implemented Section -144. It will remain in effect until February 18. The anti-social and undesirable elements, including public and crowded places special eye on the administration said. Additional district magistrate announced that the blockade will not stop or limit the district. And five or more persons carrying weapons will not be collected in one place. Will have no sectarian and offensive slogans. Anshan without permission, including strike will not be burning effigy. To act quickly on stream will be needful.

7 January 2015
: subsidized directly to your account and form the basis of four cards, etc. to form deposits on Wednesday broke consumer queue LPG cylinder. He Munshipura fiercely protesting and demonstrating in front of a gas agency and submit the form to the counter demanding extension Lucknow highway blocked Balia. Given the indignation of the people and the police station, the police reached the spot Upjiladikari Jagdamba Singh. SDM convincing everyone to be quiet, then went on the road traffic was restored.

6 January 2015
: TDM office on Tuesday at the call of the central leadership vows BSNL personnel. While protesting the various demands made dharnas fiercely. Demand a voice in performance of the Chairman and Directors of vacancies to be filled immediately. Bibianel be merged and the support of the BSNL tower to prevent the creation of the company. The landline connections in rural areas to compensate losses BSNL will provide adequate compensation. Optical fiber cabling with better service and more focus on the development, expansion is setting up more towers. DOT to transfer assets from the BSNL.

5 January 2015
: City police station area Rhaznia past happened in the village, it is taken seriously by the People's Party. Repressive and dictatorial policy of the administration is pitted against the party. Not until the land is poor, will not rest until the party. The People's Party chief vows Sanjay Singh Chauhan. They held on Monday dharnas Collectorate by the People's Party was speaking.

4 January 2015
Cirayakot (MAU
): Town of the poor and helpless people ZP Mnajit gram panchayat members and village head Baijnath Prasad Yadav rampratap distributed blankets. To serve the poor is the man's true religion. The service is divine service helpless and weak. The blankets were distributed on the occasion of hundred people. Jaypratap Yadav, Surendra Yadav, Mahendra Yadav, Mahendra Rajbhar, Abbas Ahmed, are Bikayt etc.

3 January 2015
: Civil Court Bar Association, member of the Central Anil Kumar Singh Violence against women in the police station in the police station to lodge an FIR against the lawyers. Lawyers say the court premises without incident and the Bar Association of the District Judge's knowledge and without incident probe is not in accordance with the judgment to be lodged. FIR against Advocate Bar Association has sought to sponge. In this Saturday, police delegation met once. The star of the event on behalf of the victim lodged a petition was handed over to the police superintendent.

2 January 2015
: settled at the end of the historic district, but neglected market district headquarters for Cirayakot area is restored to facilitate the roadways. Friday shivaprataap collector SP Yadav tot 'green flagged the bus. Yadav said on the occasion that the people of the region was seeking for so long roadways bus operations, which have been completed by now. Roadways department regularly run the bus. It will not be any negligence. The bus will facilitate people to visit the region. They will be easier to travel to district headquarters. ARM Bliss said it's just a day later than 8:00 am Srsena Cirayakot, Kaja, Ramban, Pipreedih, vanadevee, notwithstanding Bdhuagodam Mau will arrive and depart from the Balia. Evening again at 6:00 Mau roadways bus will depart from the path.

1 January 2015
: Clean India campaign to accelerate the auspicious occasion of the New Year on Thursday, director of the Bureau of microorganisms. AK Sharma led the scientists to swab to clean the premises after 500 meters long human chain by making the message of sanitation and One year welcomed.

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