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Travel Gorakhpur

Gorakhpur is a city of 675,000 individuals in Uttar Pradesh, India. It is a path station on a prevalent overland course from India to Nepal. It is the city of awesome shaayar Firaq Gorakhpuri.
Gorakhpur is a city in the eastern piece of the condition of Uttar Pradesh in India, close to the outskirt with Nepal. It is the authoritative central command of Gorakhpur District and Gorakhpur Division.

Gorakhpur is celebrated as a religious focus: the city was home to Buddhist, Hindu, Jain and Sikh holy people and is named after the medieval holy person Gorakhnath. Gorakhnath Temple is still the seat of the Nath faction. The city is likewise home to numerous notable Buddhist destinations and the Gita Press, a distributer of Hindu religious writings.

In the 20th century, Gorakhpur was a point of convergence in the Indian autonomy development. Today, the city is additionally a business focus, facilitating the base camp of the North Eastern Railways and a modern territory, GIDA [Gorakhpur Development Authority] 15km from the old town.

Places to see in Gorakhpur 

Gorakhnath Temple 

Gorakhnath Math or Gorakshanath Temple is an image of the personality of the city. The city itself was named after Mahayogi Guru Gorakshnath. As indicated by prevalent thinking Guru Gorakshnath did tapasya in Treta Yug at the spot where the heavenly sanctuary stands today. The sanctuary is based on 52 section of land of area in the heart of the city on Gorakhpur-Sonauli national roadway. It is a peeth of the Nath faction as well as a case of Indian figure. In the garbh grih of the sanctuary, Guru Gorakshnath is delineated as an incarnation of Lord Shiva in profound reflection.

Gorakhnath Temple
Gorakhnath Temple

Leela Chitra Mandir, Geeta Press 

Leela Chitra Mandir arranged in a heavenly corridor in the premises of Geeta Press displays the pictorial are pattern of the nation every once in a while. There are roughly 700 photos (counting compositions) identified with gritty visit and interests of Lord Rama and Krishna. Amid the Gita Jayanti week this Chitra Mandir is brightened tastefully.

Geeta Press
Geeta Press

 Satyamvad, Dharamamchar (talk truth and practice dharma) is the engraving at the principle door of Gita press which was introduced by Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first President of India on 29 April 1955. Gita Press Gate, with its columns roused from the cavern sanctuaries of Ellora, the gopuram, by Meenakshi sanctuary, Madurai.

Vishnu Mandir
The popular sanctuary connected with a substantial Idol of God Vishnu made in 12th century "Buddy Kalin Kasauti" Stone. Ramleela is sorted out on the eve of Festival Dussehera here and the parade is so amazing and in an extremely conventional that it brings the vacationer visit in the season. Symbols of the gods of real hallowed places of Hindus-viz. Badrinath, Jaganathpuri, Dwarika and Rameshwaram are introduced in the four edges of the sanctuary.


Kushinagar is a town in Kushinagar locale of Indian condition of Uttar Pradesh situated around NH-28, being 52 km east to Gorakhpur city. It is a critical Buddhist journey site, where Buddhists accept Gautama Buddha accomplished Parinirvana after his passing.

Tarkulhi Devi Temple
This sanctuary is considered as a standout amongst the most hallowed places in and around north-eastern (NE) UP. Situated on the edges of town Gahira and arranged 2 km far from Futahwa Inar on Gorakhpur-Deoria State Highway 1, this sanctuary is predominantly well known for its aficionados all over NE UP and a month-long reasonable which begins on first day of Chaitra Ramnavami.

The principle sanctuary is encompassed by a large number of Tarkul (Palm) trees everywhere, consequently its name. Amar Shaheed Bandhu Singh, an extraordinary flexibility contender and staunch Tarkulhi Mata lover, was firmly connected with this spot. Individuals from adjacent towns throng the sanctuary particularly on Mondays and Fridays for Mundan Sanskar, Yagyopavita, and so on.