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Maunath Bhanjan Uttar Pradesh

Mau City

MAU popularly known as MAUNATH BHANJAN, is a small town in UTTAR PRADESH very near, 90 km from the holy city VARANASI and 70 km from the historic city GORAKHPUR and AZAMGARH. It is also known as powerhouse of textile weavers in Eastern UTTAR PRADESH (INDIA).

Mau is well known and industrially advanced districts of eastern Uttar Pradesh. Mau history is much older.  Mau is famous for its small textile industries, which is the major earning resources for the people. The remains of Mahabharta and Ramayana found here.  

Although scientific research and exploration efforts in this direction has been made.  It is situated on the bank of Ghaghara also known as Saru River. Tamsa River is also flows through the heart of the city.  It is said that the Maharaja Dasaratha Tretayug flourished in the reign of the saints on the spot. Maharishi Valmiki Ashram was lacerated wound on the coast.

The city lies on the banks of the river Tamsa. Tamsa River passes through the town. There is much confusion towards the history of this district. In general it is believed that the Mau word is derived from the Turkish word meaning fortress, the Pandavas and the camp. In fact no historical evidence about the history of this place is available. 

It is spoken that, during the reign of the famous ruler Sher Shah Suri many economic development conducted. The military base and a large number of royal mosque construction laborers came here with Mughal soldiers.  At the time of the movement Mau has played a crucial role. October 3, 1939 AD, Mahatma Gandhi came to this place.

Numerous myths are famous with respect to history of Mau area. "Mau" signifies "padaav" or "chhavani" in Turkish dialect i.e. military enclosure. The city was utilized as military enclosure by numerous a rulers since long times. Shershah Suri, Akbar, Aurangzeb are the unmistakable rulers who utilized the city as a part of such a way. There is a mosque, assembled by Aurangzaib's sister Jahan Aara Beghum, the shahi mosque joined with various sleeping quarters (can be seen still now) in mohalla keyari tola.

It is likewise accepted by the People of Mau that hundreds of years before carried on a man (a natt), a dance lover named 'Muhoo Natt Bhajjan', who was remorseless in nature. He generally use to tease individuals the whole range thusly, a Holy man (Malik tahir baba, who was the head of the region) requesting that he leave that zone, for the purpose of his kin, to which he answered contrarily. 

At that point the malik tahir baba tested him to wrestle and win. In the event that he wins, Malik tahir baba will leave the range else he himself will. After the wrestle the Malik tahir baba won. He requested that the natt leave the spot on the double. He concurred and kept his condition to leave. He asked the Malik tahir baba to keep the name of his range on his (Natt's) name. Malik tahir baba concurred and gave the name of his territory 'Muhoo Natt Bhajjan'. This named was further adjusted to 'Maunath Bhanjan'.

Malik tahir baba r.a. Rauza is popular spot where aficionados use to visit each Thursday. Shahi Katra Masjid assemble by Aurangzeb's little girl, is most famous spot of love. In Ghosi Huzur Sadrussharia is well known for Islamic religion separation close around 20 km from Mau. There is a celebrated madarsa additionally, named Amjadia .

'Shitala Mata Dham' (Or Shitala Mandir) and "Vandevi" are two critical and Oldest Temples in Mau. Shitala Mata Dham is situated adjacent to the State Highway 34; East of Mirzahadipura of this city. This Temple is one of the most established temple in the city. Numerous God and Goddesses of Hindu mythology are found in this temple counting Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, Mata Parvati, Lord Hanuman. This
temple is overseen by 'Shitala Mata Samiti', and 'Shri Ram Bhakta Mandal Mau'. A little lake is available in its domain which full-fills the necessities in sacred requests to God, and for the most part, makes this place the most alluring one.  Goddess Shitala. Religious town Bagli is additionally an incredible spot for motivation. new paramount spot known as Mukti Dham is inherent Dohrighat.

In games Arena Mau have a huge History and their Vivid Persona to Glorified the Mau name on time to time - International Athletes and National wrestlers arrive. few of them are Bhim Narayan Rai of town Revaridih - Sahroj, he has been granted as National Champion and Record Holder in National Recreations 1961 in Athletics-lance Throw and he has been broken the Asian Games record there, his record was likewise credentialed in National Games of School Organization Meet in 1960, in the condition of UP he has recompensed as Outstanding entertainer (Championship) in 1964 Athletics Meet of U.P.

The city is joined with most other Uttar Pradesh urban areas and significant Indian urban areas, for example, Agra, Aligarh, Bareilly, Jhansi, Kolkata, New Delhi, Patna, Mumbai, Thiruvananthapuram, Hyderabad, Indore, Kanpur, Lucknow and Jaipur. Auto Rikshaws are a prevalent method of transportation.Buses worked by Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) are an imperative method for open transport.

Mau Junction is an imperative railway station. It falls on Allahabad‐Mau‐Gorakhpur Main Line. It is all around associated with vital urban communities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Surat, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Pune, Lucknow, Kanpur, Allahabad, Jaipur, Ranchi and so forth. At beginning it was a standard gage line. Yet, in 1992 it changed over into Broad Gauge.The present building towards city side was developed in 1995 amid the administration of Kalpnath Rai as a Cabinet

Minister in Indian Government. The building is much the same as duplicate of Varanasi Junction. In city there are three Rail Over Bridge. In 2015 Railway Budget of India it was chosen to enhance it as a Terminal Station to maintain a strategic distance from surge at Varanasi Junction. As of late Railway Board has chosen to build up another line between Mau Junction to Dildarnagar through Ghazipur. After foundation of this new line Mau will be straightforwardly associated with Howrah‐Delhi main line and Howrah‐Allahabad‐Mumbai line. Mau is only 93 Kilometers far from Varanasi. At Mau Junction great offices of providing food is accessible. Mischance Relief Department likewise accessible at Mau Junction.

It is an old town but gets modernized by Late Kalpanath Rai, former MP for Ghosi and was a member Rajya Sabah and Lok Sabah was also Minister at the centre and was a senior Congress Leader by building numbers of modern administrative buildings in the town.

Maunath Bhanjan News

Inquiry's on  BLO work
Surajpur (MAU): dohrighat block Jmunipur village not to stop taking Bielo resist. Bielo examine their past work done by the supervisor on Thursday they had loopholes. Nand Lal Sahni Bielo appointed accountants arrived to investigate found that 39 families had reached. These families had to work until reaching revising voter lists. Although the former village head Dharmu Yadav Tehsil administration to BDO Lgayt Bielo alleging bias to work with the villagers have demanded removal.

BJP encompass against problems
Madhuban (MAU): corruption and deteriorating law and order in the state, including the 10-point demands, the BJP-day picketing at the local tehsil headquarters and addressed to the governor handed over a memorandum opinion Upjiladikari Amarnath. Addressing lay the chief guest, said that the party's regional general secretary Vinod Rai night robbery, robbery, murder, rape, things are going to Chinati.

Sunil Gupta said that the worsening situation in the state law should dismiss the state government. Opinion is divided on the issue of corruption, said the law has failed, the government should resign on moral grounds. Mangru Gupta are devastated farmers in the state, the canals, no water, electricity is not known, but the state government has been playing flute diagnosis rather peacefully. Rose lay Kushwaha, Manoj Chartuvedi, Matwr Chauhan, Narendra Malla, Himanshu Roy, Bablu brazier, Maha Prasad Gupta, Praveen Gupta, co radheshyam, Alok was addressed by Malla. District President Vijay Narayan Sharma and co-chaired by the district vice Dolaran.

 Construction works begun for Mau railway terminal
Mau: towards the development of its district is another jump shot. The much-awaited, much-publicized Mau terminal doubts-doubts with regard to all kinds of people were away. Almost five years ago declared the Mau Junction has begun to change in the terminal. After quite a long wait after a wave of joy in people's work starts here. Construction work starts now in people's advancement of progress on the ground Mau grew powerful new history being written is expected. In the west side of the terminal work is being conducted on the railway junction complex. The Rs 14 crore for the project so far has allocated Rs one crore. This Wa¨sg pit walls for building foundations are being dug. Loco Shed beside large pits bridge is running fast. So the trains can be laid out for delivering new rails. Divisional Railway Manager PRO Ashok Kumar said that as the government will get the money, the next phase will be undertaken.

Maunath Bhanjan News

Citizens angry with night power cut
Mau: power cuts continued it traders and weavers Goblet of rauja of the city square on Friday. One and a half hours away, at noon in the whole city of jam three and a half hours of chaotic-candidature resulted. Street jam people having troubles crises. Business system say that the night was not cut off, the whole district will be jammed.
According to the program announced by his former traders morning weavers with representatives from officers on the street demonstrations-foot flower. Merchant leaders said giving power cut hours at night-hour civil bilibla in scorching hot. People sleep so bad itself, it makes business work and Sari weaving industry severely affected. Scorching hot cut administering, children and women's condition deteriorated even more. Merchant leaders said that unless the Department of electricity will not enable officers there, Chakkajam finished. Traders remain adamant Deputy District Magistrate Ashok Yadav & co, CO2 ¨ jagdamba city electric Department assured him that SDO ¨ Buchanan co night lights kategi. Upcoming upcoming Ramadan month in apu, í rectified. Similarly, their five-point demands will be attempting to make.

Madhuban problem will be raised in Assembly house
Madhuban (MAU) in the local market at the memorial to the issues of public interest under the Bharat brother Ansnrt BJP workers' demands were not fulfilled within the deadline set in the state out of Madhuban will spread like a lava ¨cgari . These problems are also raised in the House will be made to find a durable solution. The program reached the fourth day of fast things BJP representatives and leaders anywhere.

At the same SDM Amarnath Rai and regional MP Hrinrayn Rajbhar solve the problems until Sunday, assuring fast Todwaya juice to drink. Addressing lay BJP state General Secretary Dharam co Mute and Deaf, said the state government has been sp. The government may have to struggle to get right. Balia district Fefna BJP MLA Upendra Tiwari said that after the overthrow of the government to the people of the state would pave the way to prosperity.

Uttar Pradesh BJP leadership is needed today. Then it will take to the road for rightfully or sit on hunger strike will not take place. MP Hrinrayn Rajbhar groove in the market, the state government promised to give the money to the government said the robbers and criminals. Former legislator Ramikbal Co said if it did not resolve the problem within a specified period, the authorities will be served to capture their Offison.

District President Vijay Sharma Nrayn rights activists called for the conflict. Bharat brother movement necessary to inform the public about the struggle in the future to be assured. The program Amarnath Dubey, Aquatic Co, Vijay Shankar Gupta, Sunil Gupta, Bablu brazier, maha, joy, light Malla, Abhishek Co, Sanjay Co, Manoj Gupta addressed. Co-operation, chaired by Dr. radheshyam. RN co did.

Grand inundation in Ganga Aarti
Briagat on Wednesday evening Ganga Arti had gathered in the inundation of faith. People of every age and class, pay tribute to the mother janhavi seen flowing. All the fallen Pawnee clean with an overwhelming happiness that can be had. People clean up the Ganga itself with staying conscious of being conscious of other people also cited. Ganga photo exhibition organized on the occasion incessant respectively first, second and third winners were rewarded.

Indian Institute of Management and Professional Studies (Bimps) conducted under the auspices of the program was the Ganga Arti at dusk. Ganga was Deepdan after song. The big waves of the Ganga between rows of shimmering lamps presented ²shy captivating. Bktgeet and Devigeet devotees present the Ganga aarti was launched and Deepdan. Ganga is a life-saving states. Today the drains dirty water thrown straw houses are being flown so it is infectious. The problem of drinking water is being Ghrati. Been called upon people to be aware and to cooperate in the Ganga pollution free. Ratnesh Kumar presided. Sanjay Yadav, Vijay Dube, Jay Dubey, Amit Gupta, Santosh Sharma, Abhishek Pandey, Alok Avsthsi, rajeshwar Co, etc. Amit Srivastava.

Ganga Aarti Ganga Art Kanptishn winners in the stratum was selected. The respective first, second and third are thus. In the senior category, Ashoka Maurya, rimjhim Co, Wamik Irshad and junior class Vandita Maurya, Gupta and Aniket Rao installment.

Maunath Bhanjan News

BJP  contacted New members
Ghosi (Mau) of digital subscriptions Tman í after installing the BJP members' Mahasnprk campaign is to be treated in the firm. In the process of the regional party Front for Social Justice Sunil Kumar Gupta, Chairman and booth migrant Badagaav north of the city on Tuesday at booth # 133 have joined the online proforma Brwaya voters.

Mr. Gupta, starts from May 26 to June and lasting ten this Mahasnprk campaign during the party giving new members a form. Complete the form to introduce new members, interest, educational qualifications, occupation and other information, including account numbers by filling Jndn will be submitted to the office. New member organizations and the central government in respect of activities can give suggestions. The ten new members since June booths contacts associated with individual membership to contact members' contact Proforma worker "will be filled. He then connected through collective and camp members said membership would Braya proforma. This process will continue until July 31. Senior BJP leader Anand Chaudhary, former district panchayat member, Manish Mishra, former Prime Balachandas, compliments Rajbhar, Vijay Rajbhar, MS, Nagend Tribhuvan Bharti, Amit Srivastava, Fulkumari, Meena Devi and Jugesh Rajbhar Sunri were present.

No threat to the Congress with Modi
Mau: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is no threat to the Congress. Prime Minister Modi's policies have been exposed among the masses. The SP government to weaken the party in the state has been playing a major role. He awaited Food Security Act of Congress during the Lok Sabha elections in Uttar Pradesh did not apply. The party suffered in many states have been implementing the plan. That it could not be implemented in the state after one year. NREGA in the state also plan to eliminate being. This party is not disconcerting. Congress President Daknirml Khatri said things somewhere. They were Ruvru from Monday Mirjahadipura Prtrkaron located in a plaza. Even if Congress is not in power today but he still has a lot to offer to the public. With respect to the common man and to give them the convenience of being constant movement. Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi National Vice renewed plans are designed to strengthen the party. He said that on the question of factionalism in politics is the ambition of those who come. So some different looks. On the question of the party are all one. During the past months, the Congress block level to the conflict which had prepared Msvda. It is her huge success. So justice awareness program is being implemented at the panchayat level. In this context, they are also frequent visits. Efforts that the country's oldest party again made comprehensive. Continued public about the problems of the program are being made. Among the party's state secretary Rashtrkunvr cum press conference, District President avanish co-chairman Khalid Ansari and the city were present.

Auto drivers protested against ban
Mau: Tapon run city in the interior of the ban on Sunday Mirjahadipura angry auto drivers performed. The council has been protesting against the president. Auto drivers said that the city has not stopped ever smaller vehicles. This time, the former chairman of the city council, citing the jam it is closed. Educated unemployed Tempo Association Committee president Anwar Hashmi said the past six days, the city's auto drivers are sitting idle. He could not stand giving Municipality, is determined to reverse Rosie -roti. Shah said the Municipal People's Union General Secretary Isteyak auto drivers lying behind from the start. Yet Thbajari name was being harassed. Tempo was not allowed to drive into the city, they can not sit silent. Similar support our Rosie -roti moving. Auto-running ban will starve if their child. Therefore demands have not been met, they will begin indefinite strike carpet. On this occasion, Chief Ramzi Mohammed Vshim, Shivchand Mauryan, Rajesh Verma, Shah Alam etc were present.