Importance Of Industrial Visits For Engineering Students

With the ever-growing infrastructure and development across the world, engineering doesn’t stay confined to countable fields such as buildings, machines etc. It is pertinent to various dimensions of life. The demand for engineers is pretty high across the globe throughout various streams of Engineering, including Computer Science, Information Technology, Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical, Medical Electronics, Telecommunication, Civil engineering etc. While the demand is high, there isn’t a dearth of engineers as well. A wide pool of engineers is churned out each year but there is something that sets apart the good ones from the ones that just hold a degree. The lack of specialized knowledge makes most of the engineers inferior to the others in terms of expertise. Proper training can make sure that theoretical knowledge is complemented by practical expertise and can also enhance employability.

 While the statistics regarding the employability of engineers aren’t a very convincing number, Shimla University - AGU makes sure that the engineers it churns out are the best of the lot and do not fall out on the aspect of proper practical exposure. This is facilitated by best in class industrial visits arranged every year for the engineering batches.

What is an Industrial Visit?

Industrial visit is an important part of the Engineering curriculum which offers hands-on experience of technology and functioning to the aspiring engineer. To be a successful engineer, one needs more than just theoretical knowledge. The practical application of concepts and operational expertise can be gained by working in the environment that emulates all the skills that the books and journals just talk about. For example, a car manufacturing industry has more machinery than a college set up to give a broader knowledge to students about the entire process that goes into the manufacturing of a car.
Colleges organize industrial visits to specific areas relating to every branch of engineering course they offer. It is a part of the curriculum is a tactile method of teaching to combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

Shimla University - AGU facilitates hands-on experience by tieing up with best and well-organized industries in the concerned domain that exposes the candidates to the various spheres of an industry and its operations.

Benefits of Industrial Visit

An Industrial Visit offers the following benefits:
1. Enhances practical knowledge
2. It helps students understand a subject to the core.
3. It exposes the students to employment practices and working methods.
4. It gives a functional opportunity to students who can learn about IT, manufacturing, services, marketing and finances of an industry.
5. Ensures a better career by offering hands-on experience in a true working environment
6. Students get awareness of the new technology and trends in the field of engineering.
7. It closes the gap between the classroom and the real world.

Those students who have an industrial visit certificate are known to be given priority in Campus interviews and other job drives owing to their experience with the practices of an organization similar to the hiring organization in terms of domain or work environment. Industrial realities are open to students who visit industries as part of the college curriculum.

All these years of experience have taught us that industrial visits are a coveted addition to a candidate’s profile and hence Shimla University - AGU leaves no stone unturned to give you a taste of the real engineering world by arranging visits to industries that hold value. We make sure that your profile is strengthened by these visits before you appear for the interview.

How does an industrial visit work?

An industrial visit provides every student with amazing opportunities. Visiting many companies help students build a professional relationship with the companies. This will help them get a good job after completion of the professional degree. Additional to permitting entry for just the visit, some industries also provide internship and placement opportunities for students. Many students who do the internship after an industrial visit can also earn stipends during the internship and also be sure of a bright career ahead. A student gets to know what they have to do in future as an engineer and what kind of job they would want to choose. 
 An industrial visit helps a student realize what they are capable of and choose a career accordingly. As a student, you get the opportunity to ask questions to the real worker and clear all your doubts about a particular topic.

Shimla University – AGU, the best College in Himachal Pradesh offers access to industries that carry out transparent operations, so the major aspects of the functioning do not stay unexplored. Many students in the past have taken up internships and employment in the industries they visit.

What does an industrial Visit comprise of?

Generally, an industrial visit comprises of lectures about the company, its products and the site being visited. Other than these there are a few other topics that make the industrial visit more interesting and meaningful to students.

1. Recognizing the manufacturing units – the machinery, the circuits, the process involved etc
2. Identifying the raw materials and end product of the process along with wastage and other concerns
3. Understand the importance of safety measures at a workplace
4. Get an overview of the various processes involved in marketing the product to the world in order to benefit the company.
5. Knowledge about the finances involved in the process of manufacturing

At Shimla University – AGU an UGC Approved University, we make sure that the agenda of the visit is pre-planned in association with the organization in order to ensure a smooth knowledge transition and covering all aspects required for an in-depth view of the operations and functions.

The essence of the engineering curriculum is truly realized by observing its real work application. It not only enables institutions to build good relationships with industries but also provides a very good platform for a good career to aspiring engineering candidates. A pre-visit survey and a pro visit survey is a must to complete the process of an industrial visit if a student wants to do an internship in the industry which he/she visits as part of the curriculum. This helps in building overall knowledge about a particular topic and thus ensuring a bright career ahead in the core subject.

With Himachal University Shimla, students do not have to worry about finalizing the organization or arranging a visit there as we do all the ground work and all you have to do is just be committed to learning. The ideology behind Shimla University - AGU conducted industry visits is to ensure sufficient learning and exposure and we make sure that the essence of a practical environment is delivered through these visits.