BSNL Personnel To Receive Retirement Benefits.

Mau: BSNL personnel protesting from 2 day in front of  personnel office with various demands, including retirement benefits. Workers demand that their demands would be considered if not they forced to sit uncertain.

The district secretary Ramjit Yadav demanded several times by the telephone company of the missing wages and casual and contract workers, but to date has not been anything in the area. They demanded to pay BSNL casual workers minimum wage rate. They also demand to pay the contract workers by account cheque as announced by the Government of India.

If contract renew than replace the woker by giving jobs. The social security measures like EPF and FSI graduity fund still not implemented. Workers forced to work under any circumstances, but till date no adequate equipment was purchased. 

They also demand to issued a identity proof from BSNL Management. Equal pay for equal work to implement layoffs of workers sought to be called back to work. In this strike Sanjay Kumar, Om Praksh, Babulal, Raj kumar, Hemant Yadav, Jitendra Kumar, Uma Shankar, Nandu Prasad, Mahendra Prasad, Nanda kishor Ram are present.